Coronet LED

Easily Rearrange Components Within the Track!


MAGNETO is an innovative and dynamic track system designed so you can easily rearrange components within the track. Featuring snap-in magnetic mounting that allows you to rearrange available components to suit your specific needs. Fully customizable, can be configured into patterns, long runs, and installed as a suspended or recessed (coming soon) fixture.

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All New Downlight Collection

with Trimlock

Downlights with the TrimLock reflector system that ensures trim remains flush with ceiling plane.

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Metal luminaires in a style of their own.

Take a Closer Look

Reveal, the aesthetic essence of a space, brought to light. Metal luminaires fashioned with distinct artistry and craftsmanship. Pendants available in select Cone, Arc and Zen-inspired forms. Custom powder coat finish.
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Coronet LED

Experience Acoustic Illumination


LS1 and RUSH
Superior acoustical control with integrated lighting comes with a wide selection of color options.
The STFU is available using the LS1 & RUSH Series, surrounded by sound-dampening panels made from 99% recycled material. Lit and unlit baffles available with a .75 NRC rating.


Ultramodern Drums


Echo offers a combination of light and pattern to evoke design in an ultramodern way. Three unique, contemporary patterns reflecting an individual mood.
This video will give you a better feel for what is possible with this collection.

Coronet LED

Customizable Architectural LED Luminaires

LOOP and LSR3 Series

LOOP SERIES Suspended, architectural LED ‘ring’ provides uplight and downlight. Great for lobbies and modern office spaces.
LSR3 SERIES For use in indoor applications where a small profile providing continuous light is required.

Pure Lighting

From Preset to Personalized!

Tunable White

Tunable White technology offers a range of temperatures that mimic natural occurring light. Choose between a very warm 2000K that is similar to the ember of a candlelight and 5700K, a brighter, bluer light that mimics daylight. Tunable White LEDs can be synced to an astronomical clock that shifts from brighter, bluer light during the day to a warmer, amber glow during the evening.
See how Tunable White technology works in this video.

ELEMENT by Tech Lighting

New LED Decorative Recessed

ELEMENT Reflections

ELEMENT Reflections redefines dimmable LED recessed downlighting. A choice of five distinctive domes, molded with exquisitely embossed design details, subtly accent architectural themes with glare–free LED general illumination while creating a soft ceiling glow.
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More than lighting: Business insight.

SmartCast Technology

Cree SmartCast Technology delivers value beyond light to make businesses more profitable. Built on a foundation of world class simplicity and user experience, Cree is leading the industry into its next great transformation.

Pure Lighting

Let The Drywall Be Your Canvas

Reveal & TruLine

Scroll down on the Product page to see almost unlimited options for the Reveal, Reveal Wall Wash, and TruLine solutions.
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Unprecedented low-glare illumination, exceptional energy efficiency.

IG Series

The IG Series parking garage fixture provides unmatched low-glare comfort and decreased LED source luminance to cast rich illumination that maximizes detail and defeats shadows. The IG Series delivers unprecedented low-glare illumination, exceptional energy efficiency and fast payback, redefining how you think about parking garage lighting.
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