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NLS Lighting

Made in the USA

Professional • Tournament • Recreational

NLS Lighting‘s Tennis & Pickleball luminaires will meet the American Sports Builder Association Class I Primary Area Lighting uniformity requirement with only 8 fixtures!

  • Designed specifically for Professional, Competitive, and Recreational play
  • Fixtures up to 950 Watts > 88,000 Lumens
  • Individual Fixture or Group Control and Monitoring
  • LEDs are recessed and concealed deep inside the fixture
  • Full Cutoff design; no glare, no light pollution
  • Dark Sky compliant and neighborhood-friendly

NLS Lighting is an American outdoor LED lighting manufacturer. Their specification grade architectural and commercial products feature high efficacy and NLS’ Dark Sky compliant Impact Rated Optics with Glare Control Option and Visual Comfort Full Cutoff patented Star PowerTM optical technology that exceed IES required light levels utilizing the least amount of energy.


Proudly Made in the USA

Vision • Creativity • Collaboration

Lumetta is an innovative US manufacturer of decorative commercial luminaires, driven by engineers, craftsmen, and artisans. Their lighting solutions are found in healthcare, hospitality, education, and retail environments, among many others. Their fixtures are made with the finest quality materials by master artisans. Through vision, innovation, creativity, and collaboration, they can modify any of their products to bring your design vision to life. Because they fabricate each fixture from scratch, any fixture can easily be altered in design, scale, light source, and diffuser effects to create a custom look.


“Made in Italy”

Designer lamps

Axolight specializes in high-end decorative lamps with a “made in Italy” design. Every single designer lamp is developed, tested, and assembled by hand. Their mission is to combine the most contemporary lighting techniques with elegant design and artisanal manufacturing. Quality, functionality and elegance are distinctive traits of the lamps and lighting systems made by Axolight.

The recurring intended uses of the Axolight products, distinguishable for their performance and style, are several: hotel, small and large public places (malls, airports, theaters…), office buildings, bar, restaurants, and private homes.

Spectrum Lighting



CR2, the ultimate cylindrical lighting instrument: small and powerful, visually striking yet unobtrusive and small enough to disappear into the architectural background. When fitted with decorative bezels and/or our luminous frosted accent acrylics the CR2 is also capable of being an architectural feature.

Also see the PDF brochure.


LED lighting solutions

Airelight 100% ceramic light emitter

The Airelight Linear luminaire with Suspended Ceiling Connector allows for easy integration into drop ceiling T-Bar grid applications. Utilizing its ultra slim profile and light weight, the Airelight Linear SC 0.5 directly attaches to the T-Bar grid with integrated magnetic connector.

See more Airelight products and clever installations.


All New Downlight Collection

with Trimlock

Downlights with the TrimLock reflector system that ensures trim remains flush with ceiling plane.

Also see the Video and PDF brochure.

Coronet LED

Architectural Lighting

Custom Elevations

Coronet LED introduces Custom Elevations – upping their game when it comes to custom Linear lighting.

Combine the elevation capability along with custom patterns, angles, lengths and colors, and the design possibilities are literally endless!

Currently available with the following Linear Pendant products: LS1 SERIES, LS2 SERIES, LS3 SERIES, LS4 SERIES, LS6 SERIES, RAY4 LED, RAY6 LED, PIER LED.

Coronet LED

Experience Acoustic Illumination


LS1 and RUSH
Superior acoustical control with integrated lighting comes with a wide selection of color options.
The STFU is available using the LS1 & RUSH Series, surrounded by sound-dampening panels made from 99% recycled material. Lit and unlit baffles available with a .75 NRC rating.

Coronet LED

Easily Rearrange Components Within the Track!


MAGNETO is an innovative and dynamic track system designed so you can easily rearrange components within the track. Featuring snap-in magnetic mounting that allows you to rearrange available components to suit your specific needs. Fully customizable, can be configured into patterns, long runs, and installed as a suspended or recessed (coming soon) fixture.

View the PDF Specification Sheet

Coronet LED

Customizable Architectural LED Luminaires

LOOP and LSR3 Series

LOOP SERIES Suspended, architectural LED ‘ring’ provides uplight and downlight. Great for lobbies and modern office spaces.
LSR3 SERIES For use in indoor applications where a small profile providing continuous light is required.

ELEMENT by Tech Lighting

New LED Decorative Recessed

ELEMENT Reflections

ELEMENT Reflections redefines dimmable LED recessed downlighting. A choice of five distinctive domes, molded with exquisitely embossed design details, subtly accent architectural themes with glare–free LED general illumination while creating a soft ceiling glow.
Check out this great introductory video.


More than lighting: Business insight.

SmartCast Technology

Cree SmartCast Technology delivers value beyond light to make businesses more profitable. Built on a foundation of world class simplicity and user experience, Cree is leading the industry into its next great transformation.


Unprecedented low-glare illumination, exceptional energy efficiency.

IG Series

The IG Series parking garage fixture provides unmatched low-glare comfort and decreased LED source luminance to cast rich illumination that maximizes detail and defeats shadows. The IG Series delivers unprecedented low-glare illumination, exceptional energy efficiency and fast payback, redefining how you think about parking garage lighting.
Be sure to check out the Product Video.